Celebrate National Cherry Cobbler Day

A deep dish fruit dessert, cobbler originated in early British American colonies as a variation of pie.  Pie crust, fruit filling, and an open fire is how it all started.  Recipes are passed on from generation to generation and we have a real winner that we bake up daily.  When it comes to our homemade cobbler, we have it down pat.  We serve four signature fruit cobblers: peach, apple, cherry, and blackberry.  Cherry cobbler is the star of the show, today, as we celebrate National Cherry Cobbler Day.   Come in and order a warm cherry cobbler with ice cream and enjoy this special day.

May is National Barbecue Month

It’s May, National Barbecue Month, the weather is starting to heat and so is the grill.  It’s that time of year to fire up the smoker and do some backyard barbecuing with family and friends.  Perhaps, you have plans to entertain guests this month, but want to take the work out of the equation.  Leave the smokin’ to Hap’s; sit back and relax!  We sell our beef brisket and ham: whole, sliced, or chopped.  We pull our pork, chicken, and lamb.  Slabs of ribs come whole if you want to flash them on the grill for “the show” of it or we can cut and serve them ready to party!  Whatever your plan is this month, make sure it includes that smokey goodness that only ‘cue can do.

Happy Small Business Week

Did you know it’s National Small Business Week, April 30th—May 6th, 2017?

In 1991, my father, Dan Darroch turned his hobby into a small business known today as Hap’s Barbecue. Dan rolled out a shopping cart with a sign advertising his ‘cue and a self-fabricated smoker sending the magnificent smell of his barbecue drifting through the air of the neighborhood in hopes of enticing a few more car buyers onto the lot.

What he got in return was the beginning of a new small business, with so much attraction to the food, Dan set up shop into a concession trailer where customers lined up for hours to get a taste of his dream come true.

Today, we continue the legacy with all of his same passion and dedication to the business. Twenty-six years later, we are smoking more meats than ever before to accommodate the growing customer base that fell head over heels with our food and the encouraging story behind it. Go for it….follow your dreams and you will succeed.