About Us

How Hap's Got Started

Good cookin’ has always been in the blood of the Darroch Family! We began back-in-the-days with Grandpa Dan and Grandma Doris breakin’ out the skillet at get-togethers with family and friends, the culinary hobby was passed down to Dan Sr. and Momma Barb whom turned their hobby into Hap’s Barbecue, and now present day, daughter Christine has taken over and continues on with the family legacy.

No fast food, corporate chain stuff around here!

HaP’s story is as “American Dream” as it gets! Like most good things in life, HaP’s REAL PIT BARBECUE started small – a home-built smoker and a sign attached to a shopping cart down in front of the family’s car dealership at 24th St and Jefferson in downtown Phoenix.

Back in 1990, Dan Sr. was craving some real BBQ (‘cue to aficianados). He took the chassis from from an old GMC truck and built a smoker on top of it. He then parked the smoker in front of his car dealership and opened shop.

Word of mouth grew and soon the local media had embraced this culinary treasure tucked in the heart of Phoenix!


It all started with our first trailer smoker, built from scratch with a truck chassis and lots of welding and custom fabrication.

February 3, 1991

The smoker housing is finished and Dan Darroch is outfitting it with one of it's six rotisseries.

Spring 1991

The smoker trailer after it was finished and fully operational, smoking ham, lamb, beef, turkey, whole pig and vegetable skewers for a feed the homeless event in downtown Phoenix.


A hobby turns into a business. Hap's sets up shop at our first location at Darroch Automotive where barbecue lovers could get our delicious meats right into a bun off the smoker.

March, 1994

With increased popularity, we moved into our concession trailer. Customers lined up for Phoenix's best 'cue.

August, 1994

We add a delivery van and expand our service of delicious barbecue to the greater Phoenix area.

April 6, 1995

Hap's was written up by the Phoenix New Times and we participated in a barbecue competition called the Rib Round-up.


Featured in Phoenix Magazine, the Darroch family poses at Hap's concession trailer.

August, 1998

It's a family affair. The Darroch kids helping out at various catering events.

June, 2001

After seven years in our trailer, we are still going strong.

December, 2001

Hap's moved to its current location on Washington Street in Phoenix.